body peace treaty

Anyone else love The Biggest Loser? With the return of Jillian Michaels, I’m hooked again!

This season, the show includes the addition of three incredible kids. A few weeks ago, this brave threesome signed The Seventeen Body Peace Treaty, a pledge to practice honoring ways of being at peace with our bodies. Here are a few of my favorite Body Peace mantras:

“Stop joining in when my friends compare and trash their own bodies.”

“Quiet that negative little voice in my head when it starts to say mean things about my body that I’d never tolerate anyone else saying about me.”

“Accept that beauty isn’t just about my looks. It’s my awesome personality and my energy that creates a whole, unique package.”

The Seventeen Body Peace Treaty followed a revolutionary decision by the magazine to end photo retouching. What inspired this marketing miracle?

Last April, a 14-year old teenage girl changed the world when she obtained 84,000 signatures in petition of these self-esteem-destroying industry practices. Seventeen listened, and they’ve pledged to feature models untouched and only in their natural beauty. Watch the movement sweeping the fashion industy, send a “shout out” to Seventeen and other publications, let your voice be heard.


Excited about this movement? Check out Seventeen’s Body Peace Treaty, consider joining thousands of others in this commitment, and spread the word to your friends. Do it together. It’s always more fun that way.

Want to follow one girl’s journey? Let me introduce you to Sunny, the oldest of the Biggest Loser youth threesome. She is one of the most beautiful and articulate souls the show has known. Let her inspire you with her diary posts as she crosses the Biggest Loser finish line.

However you find peace with your body, I encourage you to begin the journey now. I promise it will be among the sweetest gifts you ever give yourself.



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