brand new me

In an earlier blog this year, I wrote about my love affair with theme songs.

I’m a HUGE believer in the power of music.

So, nothing thrills me more than finding a perfect song to inspire new spaces.

Thanks to Pandora and a summer walk, I came across this powerhouse:


My favorite line?

“It took a long, long time to get here. It took a brave, brave girl to try.”

Those words took me back to places in my own life demanding sweat and strength. Places that still do.

Those words took me to sacred, tender conversations I’ve had with many of you.

Images flowed of hard, long roads you are fighting for…

And, for every story of determination I know, there are millions in the world I’ll never hear.

What’s your story? What roads are you walking? What are you fighting for?

Do you feel brave?


Ladies, let us be inspired by each other… by the struggles we know and the courage we share.

Let us also be inspired by strong, talented women who sing transforming words.

Let their songs help take us to new places we want to know.

Need a few empowering theme songs for the road ahead?

Grab your running shoes and add these to your “power girl playlist”…

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be brave. Be a brand new you.




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