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madly in love

Recently, a friend introduced me to a charming little book: Madly In Love With Me by Christine Arylo. This literary gem follows her previous book, Choosing Me Before We. Both works inspire girls and women to practice the art of loving themselves well. The art of loving ourselves well? What does that [...]
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body peace treaty

Anyone else love The Biggest Loser? With the return of Jillian Michaels, I’m hooked again! This season, the show includes the addition of three incredible kids. A few weeks ago, this brave threesome signed The Seventeen Body Peace Treaty, a pledge to practice honoring ways of being at peace with our bodies. [...]
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time for a dance party?

I’m not sure how the movement began, but it seems very trendy these days to throw a 30-second dance party to lift one’s spirit. Brilliant idea! Okay, so I’m about to date myself. Heard of Ally McBeal? It was one of the best shows on during the late 90s. Ally was [...]
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