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five worthy reads

As many of my readers know, I send a newsletter out each month highlighting stories relevant to topics of gender and culture. Often, these stories speak to social trends and important conversations for girls and women and families to enter into together. I’ve received such encouraging feedback from so many [...]
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21 by 21

Recently HuffPost featured a piece that Glamour Magazine published years ago declaring thirty things every thirty-year-old needs to know. They also published a compelling list for an older audience of women who are fifty and fabulous. Reading the wisdom of these pieces inspired me to compile my own list of [...]
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blurred lines

I’ve held my tongue for awhile now, not joining the national conversation about the performance that left the country speechless. Speechless, but only for a moment. Following the MTV Video Music Awards last month, it seems we all had plenty to say— and, with good reason. Many good reasons, only [...]
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