For every girl and woman, there comes a time when conversation can be a gift. In therapy, we might talk about body image or disordered eating, stress and anxiety, self-esteem and confidence, depression, self-harm and cutting, friendships (and “mean girls”), dating and sexuality, family relationships, adoption or foster care, grief and loss, abuse and violence, drug and alcohol use, or academic performance and career goals. No topic is off limits, and I always take your lead.

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The road from girl to woman is an incredible one. It can be fabulous and full of goodness. It can also be intensely tender and overwhelmed by newness. These years are filled with lots of “firsts,” lots of questions, and lots of emotion. It’s good to travel this road with someone who’s been there too. Girls, we can talk about anything and everything and there’s no need to worry about gossip in the halls. Your life (and your secrets) are safe with me. And, if you’re over 13 years old, you’re also in charge of how I talk with and if I share certain information with your parents.


These are once-in-a-lifetime years of adventure and self-discovery. It’s also a time of soul-searching questions about our identity and the choices we’re making—choices about career paths, friendships, love (and sex). It’s also a defining season in our families, finding our own path and creating boundaries with those we love. The twenty-something years are remarkable, but they aren’t always easy. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone with us on the journey.


Could family conversations be helpful right now? Family chats can get pretty heated at home—especially when about serious topics and matters of the heart. Often, it helps to have a neutral person guiding conversation and helping create a spirit of respect and kindness. If you’d like assistance in facilitating family conversation, I’d love to hear from you. Family therapy can exist alone or as a supplement to individual therapy already taking place. Not interested in the whole family coming together? That’s okay, I’m glad to meet together with any family members of your choice.


Sometimes therapy isn’t the kind of conversation we’re looking for—but there are conversations we’d value having with a trusted confidant and source of counsel. If that sounds like you, I offer consulting (or coaching) conversations about the following topics. Unlike therapy, these conversations are not be covered by insurance. During our first conversation together, I’m glad to help you decide if therapy or consulting is best. Consulting may take place in person or by phone.

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It takes a village to raise a child, right? Parenting is the most important role on the planet, and it’s often the most difficult especially during the teenage years. Would you appreciate additional support and encouragement? Could conversation be helpful in this season? If so, I’d love to walk beside you during significant and/or difficult seasons. Individual consultations can take place alone, with your partner, or in addition to Parenting Girls, a conversation group for parents of teenage girls.


Dating isn’t for the faint of heart—but is the path to love. If you’re among the lucky ones, this path is simple and sweet. For most of us though, it’s full of twists and turns—and spaces of uncertainty. During these times, it can be helpful to have a “wing-woman” when playing “the dating game.” Conversation is available for the single, the dating, and the committed. Come alone or bring a date and let’s talk about love. Searching for love online? Could “profile coaching” be helpful? Let’s do it!


Looking for love can be quite the quest—right alongside the search for the perfect profession. Exploring employment ventures and making career decisions define this decade like no other. These years set the tone for the years ahead—at times met with great clarity; at other times, met with great confusion. If you’re in the process of asking questions about this part of your life, I’d love to be with you in those questions. We’ll find answers together. Interested in tackling these questions together with a vision-clarifying project? Ask me about life-mapping.


We aren’t meant to travel alone. Groups are a confidential (and fun!) place to be supported in the presence of others. Intended to be collaborative, the hope is to encourage one another (and learn from one another) in shared experiences. Often group conversations are inspired by books incorporated into our time together. Group participants are asked to honor other members by a 6-week minimum commitment. Please call with any questions and/or to register. I’d love to have you join us!

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It’s always good to know we’re not alone. Gather with other parents of teen girls and talk together about these sweet, tumultuous, and tender years. We’ll explore teen trends, share practical advice, and talk about how to stay connected during the years when girls seek identity and independence. Due to a conflict of interest, this group is not eligible for parents of daughters to whom I’m already providing therapy.


Minus the cocktails, join with other twenty-something women as we tackle the art of dating. Together, we’ll talk about the single life and the quest for love. This is a great place to gather among friends and chat about matters of the heart, the ups and downs of dating, and decisions about sex. Whether you’re usually home alone on a Saturday night or your weekends are wild and crazy, you’ll love our time together.


Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s best-seller, Lean In, this group is designed for twenty-something women navigating the early years of their profession. Enjoy encouragement and empowerment with other young women launching into the workforce as we talk about creating professional identity and chasing career goals. We’ll also explore the gender-specific experiences of women in the workplace, the practice of assertive leadership, and finding our “sweet spot” in creating a meaningful work-life balance.