I’m not sure how the movement began, but it seems very trendy these days to throw a 30-second dance party to lift one’s spirit. Brilliant idea!

Okay, so I’m about to date myself. Heard of Ally McBeal? It was one of the best shows on during the late 90s. Ally was the kind of character every woman felt like – mostly in fantasy and fiction.  Honest, fragile, and sassy, she was an iconic treasure for women everywhere.

During a series of episodes, Ally went to see a therapist played by the unforgettable Tracey Ullman.

Her therapist (who was more of a comic than a therapist) encouraged Ally to find her “theme song.” If not a fabulous fix, it was an extraordinarily fun and inspiring experiment.

I’ve searched high and low and cannot find a clip of this priceless scene to share with you. You’ll just have to trust me – the idea was too good to stay inside of a sitcom.

Since my girlfriends and I devoured the show, we adopted the same principle. Through most of our twenties, we all had theme songs. Years later, they still take me to all the soul-spaces I need.

What would your theme song be this year? Take a few minutes. What does your heart need this year? Think beyond resolutions. Pick a theme song and plan that 30-second dance party.

Need a little inspiration? Here’s my latest girl-power find:

Want a little twist? Try it naked.

That’s right. You heard me. Put on your favorite song, find that perfect theme song, and start stripping.

Wonder where I’d get a crazy idea like that? Read and be inspired.

I dare you not to try it.

Hint: it’s even better if you let yourself giggle.

Who knows? A theme song and a dance party might just change your life.


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