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tween + teen girls

Girls, we can talk about anything and everything and there's no need to worry about gossip in the halls. Your secrets are safe with me. And, if you're over 13 years old, you're also in charge of how I talk with and if I share certain information with your parents. No topic is off-limits and I always take your lead.

In therapy, we might talk about stress and anxiety, experience of social media, self-esteem and confidence, depression, self-harm and cutting, body image and disordered eating risk, friendships and "mean girls," dating and sexuality, family relationships, adoption or foster care, grief and loss, abuse and violence, substance use, academic performance or college decisions.

twenties women

The twenty-something years are remarkable, but they aren't always easy. Sometimes it's nice to have someone with us on the journey.

These are once-in-a-lifetime years of adventure and self-discovery. It's also a time of soul-searching about our identity and the choices we're making - decisions about career paths, friendships, love and sex. It's a defining season in our families too, finding our own path and creating boundaries with others. 

Would you value conversation but life on campus or a busy work day make it challenging? Ask me about virtual telehealth options of meeting. 

today's parents

It takes a village to raise a child. Parenting is the most important role on the planet and it's often the most difficult - especially during the teenage years and in an unprecedented era of social media. Would you appreciate additional support and encouragement? I'd be honored to join you in conversation.

Could family conversations be helpful? Family chats can get pretty heated at home - especially when about serious topics and matters of the heart. If  you'd like assistance in facilitating family conversation, I'd be glad to work together in creating a helpful experience.


Are you a recent graduate? On the road to licensure? Or have you been in the profession for years but would value greater community with other therapists? If so, come join us!

Monthly meetings are available as we come together to discuss our professional evolution. Inspired by reading selections to guide us, a new book will be chosen each quarter throughout the year. Contact me to discover our next read and sign up to join.

Stay tuned for continuing education opportunities.

about therapy

what is therapy?

Therapy or counseling is a relationship separate from other parts of your life. It's an opportunity to be in supportive and thoughtful conversations about topics important to you. It's an intentional way of talking and exploring together. It's a partnership between a person's knowledge and expertise about their own life and a therapist's offering of meaningful questions and conversation.

why is it helpful?

In a world where life is busy and schedules are full, it can be challenging to find time to pause and focus on our lives in intentional ways. Therapy provides a private space and relationship for our nourishment. It's a time to explore our life and devote attention to areas of our life we'd value enhancing or changing. For young adults, it can be especially helpful if conversations with parents or other adults aren't feeling possible or ideal.

who comes to therapy?

For most of us, we reach a time in our life when the dreams we have for ourselves don't match the life we are living. We believe a better experience is waiting. People often begin therapy when they're feeling stuck, frustrated and wanting change. Beginning therapy doesn't have to mean anything is wrong with you. It means you want something different or more for your life and want to talk about how to move in those directions.

what about my friends?

We need our friends, but even the best of friends can't be everything to each other. Sometimes friends feel burdened by certain conversations and relationships can become strained. Friends often mean well and want to be supportive but they aren't educated or trained in ways that can be most helpful. When a friend knows they can be helpful or they don't know what to say, they can feel overwhelmed and might even pull away. Having a relationship with a therapist can free up friends to enjoy themselves while getting greater support outside of those friendships. And since therapy is a confidential relationship, you never have to worry about conversations spreading to other friends.

is therapy confidential?

One of the most important aspects of therapy is the privacy of the therapy relationship. Your identity and our conversations together remain confidential unless you provide permission otherwise. Only with your permission can I speak about our relationship or our conversations. I believe every person deserves a sacred place to share and I take every effort to guard your privacy and confidentiality with great integrity.

Since I'm a mandated reporter in Washington State, there are exceptions to confidentiality largely related to preserving a person's safety. I'm glad to discuss this further together.

therapy or consulting?

Therapy conversations are intended to discuss healthcare related topics, such as depression or anxiety. As a result, therapy sessions are generally covered by insurance. Consulting conversations are intended to address topics outside of healthcare services. Consulting conversations are ideal for parents seeking support in relationship with their adolescent or young adult daughters. Unlike therapy, consultation conversations are not covered by insurance. During an initial phone conversation together, I'm glad to help you decide if therapy or consulting is most appropriate for you. Consulting is not available for tweens + teens.